Sampurna: Sruthi, Laya and My life

This 90-page book is a visual delight that captures Sudha’s journey in music right from the time she was a toddler. What is different about the depiction is that the book begins

with the Sudha Ragunathan we know of today and then traverses back in time in phases, detailing the different stages in her life. While donning the mantle of a stalwart musician, her role towards the upliftment of society through her Samudhaaya Foundation is another milestone in her life. The book shares commendations from noteworthy citizens of India and when you keep the book back on the coffee table, you are left feeling inspired and look at the adage ‘the sky is the limit’ with renewed energy.

Purchase at a discounted price of Rs.1800/- All proceeds from the purchase of this book goes to Samudhaaya Foundation.