Project Naivedyam: Serving food to our fellow beings at the appropriate time and satiating hunger is equivalent to serving food to the gods – as Naivedhyam.

The pandemic has defied all precautions and contingencies and has spread its claws across all walks of life. In such trying times, timely food being made available for the patients and their caretakers goes a long way in taking them quicker to the path of recovery.

Through Project Naivedhyam, Samudhaaya Foundation is tying up with two organizations that provide healthy, home cooked, nutritive meals to the patients in home quarantine and to the caretakers outside the hospitals.

Please donate generously – let us all demonstrate that we care for each other and do whatever we can to aid our fellow beings on the road to recovery. Let us all work together to bring back the beauty of our world and let us as one family overcome this pandemic – Vasudaiva kutumbakam.

Sampurna: Sruthi, Laya and My life

This 90-page book is a visual delight that captures Sudha’s journey in music right from the time she was a toddler.

Purchase at a discounted price of Rs.1800/- All proceeds from the purchase of this book goes to Samudhaaya Foundation.