This drape in six yards has been one of our country’s richest traditions. Each state has it’s own version of looms and methods of draping, that when looking at our country’s saree map from a bird’s eye view, it is like peering into a kaleidoscope. The burst of colours, the prints, the texture and the story behind each category adds so much more value and pride to these six yards.

Our very own state of Tamil Nadu’s Kanchivaram sarees have their own pride of place in the sarees galaxy. Tradition bound, with a tall legacy, bright colours, weaves that have gotten more innovative while traveling in time and striking colour combinations have all made the Kanchipuram silks a collector’s delight.

The rich Kanchivaram silks traditionally symbolize grandeur and are an integral part of art and culture. I began my tryst with Kanchivarams over four decades ago and specifically from the last two decades, I have focused on the choice of patterns, designs, colours, weaves and the uniqueness. I realized that every five years, I was innovating in my choices and searching for newer products and specifying my own colour combinations and patterns and at times making them bespoke selections. This activity gave me great joy as I considered this as an important part of my concert planning as well. I realized it added so much colour and confidence to my presentations. As I have mentioned many times earlier in so many interviews and chat sessions, my Guru MLV amma believed that attire also played an important role in presentation.

The Uppada saree was the first to have actually caught my attention in terms of the uniqueness and grandeur. When I did my second shoot for the Pothy’s, Uppadas were widely used. While my Pothy shoots were to propagate the brand of Parampara pattu, the Uppadas that were used for this brand was a feast for the eyes!

Explore this page and buy the sarees of your choice. Gently worn, stored with love and care, each having a little story and taking it’s pride of place in my collage of memories in my journey of music, I am happy to open my wardrobe to you all…..for a cause! Proceeds of the sales goes to Samudhaaya Foundation that is continuing to identify worthy causes in its mission of uplifting society.

I would continue adding sarees to this first customized list of twelve of my treasures.

Yours forever in music

Sudha Ragunathan

Padma Bhushan awardee, Sangita Kalanidhi